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World Peace Meditation Hour

Meditate for the World peace and spread peaceful vibrations through Meditation-3rd Sunday of every month from 6:30 - 7:30 pm Central.

Our outer world is a reflection of what lies within our collective inner worlds. By directing our thoughts in specific, positive ways, we have the potential to guide the world towards becoming a more loving place.
Music and meditation commentaries are played to enhance the experience and guide your thoughts. Anyone can join.

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Managing Stress
  • Identify different forms of stress and the effects it has on our well-being

  • identify the triggers of stress and how and why we react

  • use practical tools to enable inner change

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Raja Yoga Meditation Course

In today’s fast paced modern life are we losing touch with our inner peace and powers.

Raja Yoga Meditation- takes us into a journey of Self Discovery or in fact Rediscovery.

It takes us beyond a gross level of consciousness to a deeper subtle level from where spiritual empowerment begins.


- Stability and Inner Strength Stress-Free living

- Enhances Self-Worth Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

- Develops Positive Living Values Peace of mind Clarity and Focus

- Freedom from negative emotions like anger fear anxiety etc.

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Experience peace within, recharge your mind, release the tension and pressures, and get energized with Guided Meditations.

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Demystifying Ego

Understand the EGO and you understand almost everything! Including why you feel what you feel, why you don’t know yourself very well, why people behave in strange and violent ways, and why so many parts of the world are now places of escalating insecurity and division.

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Other Classes/Sessions
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and many more ...

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